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Breathing Simulator Test System

TOM Thermal Observation Manikin

About Our Company

In January 1994, S.E.A. Engineering was involved in the design of a large, offshore subsea module for hazardous cargo extraction from sunken vessels. Through this and other projects, the company developed a broad range of expertise that can be applied to projects to take them from initial concept, through the development phases, and to completion.

The experience of our company includes subsea equipment design and construction. This involves the development of saturation diving system components and the design of military underwater breathing apparatuses. This involvement has expanded to include the design and construction of special-purpose tests and evaluation systems. These include breathing simulators for testing breathing devices, thermal manikins for testing protective garments, and performing comfort studies in vehicles.

More recent experience has included the development of Freon-free refrigeration systems. Further related experience has been in the design of electro-mechanical devices and systems that include:

• Pressure Vessels
• Centrifugal Blowers & Pumps
• Magnetic Couplings
• Electrical & Fluid Slip Rings
• Special Purpose Heating & Refrigeration Equipment